4 must haves’ in drill work

Kevin Eastman, a former NBA assistant coach and Nike Basketball’s National Director of Skills, has pioneered skill development and teaching methods for getting the best from players. 

In the article below Coach Eastman highlights several concepts that coaches should incorporate into their drills to ensure that their players get the best opportunities to improve.

  1. Weak Hand Development
    It’s imperative, if you want to become a better basketball player, that you learn how to use your weak hand. If you’re right handed you must be able to make the same moves going left and vice versa. As a young player, this will separate you from the competition. So when you’re working out, make sure you do your drills going both ways.
  2. Footwork & Balance Emphasis
    Footwork and balance are key in the game of basketball. Good footwork can mean the difference between having an open jump-shot and a contested jump shot. Balance is also very important. If you watch the great shooters in the NBA, they are almost always squared up and balanced when taking their shots.
  3. Playing though Contact
    Another ‘must have’ in your workout is learning to finish plays, as well as getting open, with contact. If you have a friend or family member that can bump you as you make your ‘V’ cuts, or bump you when you go up for a shot, you’ll see the results when you get bumped in your games.
  4. Contesting Shots
    If you have a partner available for your workout, contest each other’s shots. In your games you’re going to have defence and you’re going to have to shoot with a hand in your face, so it’s important to simulate this in your workout.

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