6 Things to get your players to buy into your system

Boston Celtics assistant coach Kevin Eastman has pioneered skill development and teaching methods for getting the best from players. Below is bullet points of his lecture on getting players to buy into your system.

1. Thoroughly study the game; let them know you know.

  • Knowledge gains respect - e.g. if you are using a drill or play from a famous coach or player tell them.


Kevin Eastman and Steve Nash2. Thoroughly study your system.

  • Show players they can get better in your system
  • Where do your specific players get their shots from


3. Catch them doing something right.

  • Let them know you believe in them - E.g. stop a drill or game and point out a player executing a perfect screen and roll or other skill


4. All players have labels.

  • Non-shooter…Identify the label and dispel it / improve it.


5. It’s not just what you know that counts.

  • You must bring energy, effort, and enthusiasm to each workout. Coaches like players who sweat with them.


6. Tell players the truth…they want to hear it …just privately.

  • Show them by video tape and statistics.

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