Dozen “Absolutes” in Coaching

Elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1992, named one of the ten greatest coaches of all time in 1996 “Dr. Jack.” as he is best known is the seventh-winningest coach in NBA history and has 20 years experience as Head Coach of NBA teams.

Famed for coaching the Portland Trail Blazers to the 1976-1977 NBA Championship, and for his broadcasting work with the Indiana Pacers, the Miami Heat, and for ESPN TV and ESPN Radio. Coach Ramsay dilutes his years of basketball knowledge these 12 observations:

  1. Basketball, like every other sport, is predicated on the execution of the fundamentals.
  2. The coach is a teacher; his subject is the fundamentals.
  3. The highest level of achievement is attained by the teams with the best conditioned players.
  4. Even the greatest players have a level of improvement to achieve.
  5. Even the greatest players accept coaching and value the need for discipline and the order that it brings to the team.
  6. Winning is more related to good defence than good offense.
  7. Break-down drills, under simulated game conditions, are essential to team success.
  8. Teams that play together beat those with superior players who play more as individuals.
  9. There are no physical limits to individual achievement.
  10. Although the game has become more sophisticated, simpler is better in developing and teaching a system of play.
  11. Players draw confidence from a poised, alert coach who anticipates changing in game conditions.
  12. Teams that never concede defeat can accomplish incredible victories.

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